Sales Training: Are You SVP Material

Sales Training: Are You SVP Material:by 

Sales Training Article: Are you ready to be the SVP of Sales?

Originally published by Matt Sharrers, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)
In the next 3 months, interview activity for executive sales talent will increase. Why? Because every year between July and October, companies recognize they are going to miss the topline number and new sales leadership is determined (often incorrectly) to be the answer. sales training companyWe don't make the rules; we can however, help you position yourself in the best position possible to win the top sales job.
The impact for those of you aspiring for this role is simple; if you do not possess these traits, you will be passed over and be branded as a "good regional leader unable to take the top spot". You have plateaued. You will be perceived as having reached your peak. You have allowed the market to outpace you.
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Here are 5 of the Must Haves:

1. Evolutionary Pace-What new capabilities have you acquired in the last 24 months and how have you monetized them in your current role? Business is moving faster and this pace is only accelerating. If you cannot outpace, let alone keep pace, the CEO is not interested because his sales force will lag.
2. Strategic Thinking-How did you align the corporate strategy with the sales strategy where you currently work? Can you crisply articulate a sales strategy that has evidence of being deployed and delivering a result?
3. Market Awareness-How did you show that your ability to listen to the market in your current role created a verifiable business result? What strategic shifts did you make as a result of changing customer demands?
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