Key Elements to Online Success Infographic

Key Elements to Online Success Infographic:from Business 2 Community 

An Infographic –  Key Elements to Online Success

At Original Ginger, we know how overwhelming it can be trying to source and understand the online tools you should be using for your business.  Where should you focus your energy first?  What questions should you be asking? Is everything in place for your business to thrive online?  Do you have the knowledge to implement an online presence yourself, or should you outsource to a professional agency like ours? Besides website design, what else is there?  If you build it, won’t they just come?
Sweep away the cluttered confusion. Start with a clean slate. Take a look at our GPS Infographic; it’s a visual map identifying the KEY ELEMENTS to start with first. It should help get you started thinking about your online presence in a more organized way.  We’ve even included an SEO Checklist. The major takeaway from our map is that each element will require a thoughtful approach and probably for most of you, some professional assistance.
Every time we meet with a new client it’s an educational process because although we “live and breathe” the world of technology they have other things on their plate. The main goal here is to tweak excitement about the possibilities for success and the potential paths available to get there. Think of this infographic as a partial immersion into an unknown world; but in bite-sized pieces. We haven’t added ALL the initiatives OR even all of the information about the ones that are in the infographic BUT it’s a great place to start…… and you have to start somewhere!
Feel free to share it around with people you think might benefit. We only ask that you keep the infographic intact and unaltered, with proper credit back to us.
We hope you find our Key Elements to Online Success Infographic helpful, as you consider launching your business into the online global market space.  If you find yourself getting frustrated trying to do it all yourself (website design, shopping cart, search engine optimization, promotional video, and so much more) ask for help from a digital agency like ours to hook you up. In this virtual world, the only barriers that exist, are the ones you set for yourself.

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