15 Simple Truths About Selling

15 Simple Truths About Selling:
from Inc.com 

Simple wisdom about selling from some surprising (and not so surprising) sources.
Over the years, I've kept a notebook of memorable sayings and remarks about the fine art of selling. Here are my favorites:

  • "Every one lives by selling something."
    Robert Louis Stevenson
  • "Nobody likes to be sold but everybody likes to buy."
    Earl Taylor
  • "Success in sales is the result of discipline, dedication and sacrifice."
    Thomas Roy Crowell
  • "Sell, don't tell. When you're talking, you're not selling."
    Robert Nadeau
  • "Sales pays for the company. Employees who don't "get" that are part of the problem."
    Donal Daly
  • "Value the relationship more than making your quota."
    Jeff Gitomer
  • "Sales leads are like fresh fish; they stink after three days."
    Thomas Roy Crowell
  • "Respect the customer's time but give them a compelling reason to speak with you."
    Keith Rosen
  • "People buy emotionally but defend their choice logically."
    Jerry Acuff
  • "Sales success comes after you stretch yourself past your limits on a daily basis."
    Omar Periu
  • "When selling, never answer an unasked question."
    Jeff Thull
  • "Mediocre products with great sales teams always beat great products with mediocre sales teams."
    Donal Daly
  • "Contact with the customer is what business is all about."
    Jay Leno
  • "In advertising, sex sells. But only if you're selling sex."
    Jef I. Richards
  • "In sales there are usually four or five 'no's' before you get a 'yes.'"
    Jack Canfield

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