7 Things Technology Companies Can Do Today to Build an Online Audience

7 Things Technology Companies Can Do Today to Build an Online Audience:

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Inbound marketing does not work if you are publishing and promoting great content without an online audience.
Developing a group of people online who are interested in you, your company and what you have to say is inbound marketing’s most fundamental ingredient.

Here are 7 things you can do today to kick start your online audience and build your content community:

      1. LinkedIn Groups – participate in relevant groups. Ask questions. Share good stuff.
      2. LinkedIn connections and follows – set a goal to get to 500+ connections but make sure you focus on your market and not just anyone. Follow your competitors, your partners, your customers and your influencers.
      3. LinkedIn Ads – you can be extremely focused on target companies, geographies and roles with LinkedIn Ads. Just make sure that you are offering something your audience really want and also make sure you point the Ad to a landing page so that you can ask the visitor to join your community
      4. Twitter influencers – identify the people who are influential in your market and follow and share their stuff
      5. Blogs – even if it is just pulling together a digest of what you are reading online, blog at least once a week and then share that blog with your LinkedIn and Twitter followers.
      6. SEO – do some research and find out what your target audience is looking for and then make sure that your blogs and website content is optimized for it
      7. Google Ads – less focused than LinkedIn but still worth doing if you can find an offer that is cost-effective
Don’ts: Don’t be self-centred and promotional – no one is interested in that.
Do’s: Be generous and sharing. Follow, like and share others’ content and they will do the same back.
When you take these 7 steps you will start to build an audience online. When you convince everyone in your company to do the same you will build a valuable content community that will become a vital source of leads and sales.
Download this e-guide on how to build an online audience and generate more leads online:
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