Good Reads for B2B Sales - Busy People Don't Mean to be Rude

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Busy People Don't Mean to be Rude:

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From PointClear: Good Reads for B2B Sales Topicss
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 Motivate Your Sales Team with These 13 Ideas That Work

Keep your sales team motivated including offering performance bonuses, encouraging good-natured competition and providing valuable support, according to the entrepreneurs surveyed in this article. "The more information and other resources your team has, the better they'll be able to do their jobs," said Thursday Bram of Hyper Modern Consulting. "Do whatever it takes to get them anything they need."  Via Young Entrepreneur Council
Ready to triple your sales pipeline? Try outbound prospecting
You can significantly expand your sales pipeline by investing in outbound prospecting techniques, according to Aaron Ross, co-author of Predictable Revenue. He suggests you start by ensuring growth readiness, determining you have the right organizational structure and deciding whether your company will be able to support the endeavor. Via OpenView Blog
Performance Optimization: Having the Right People in the Right Roles
The Solution Selling blog highlights CSO Insights’ 2012 Sales Performance Optimization Study where surveyed companies confess to lackluster hiring efforts. Companies can offset these deficiencies with training and performance development.  Solution Selling suggests companies assess potential staff and hire the right people for the right roles. SolutionSellingBlog
Dear Sales: Busy people don’t mean to be rude
Dan McDade shares 20 madlibs with Craig Rosenberg on Funnelholics.  He says the hardest part of selling is realizing that busy people don’t mean to be rude… they are simply slammed with other priorities.  Via Funnelholic
Companies Need to Get Serious About Sales Training Reinforcement
Sales training thought leader Richard Ruff asserts that companies must reinforce initial sales training or reps will lose their skills within three months. Organizations should support reinforcement with ongoing coaching and sharing success stories, among other methods. Via ASTD
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