Keep Software Leads Safe From Unfair Pricing!

Keep Software Leads Safe From Unfair Pricing!:

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Pricing is not just an obstacle to software leads. It gets worse when it has been labeled unfair. It is like a scarlet letter on your company’s product to be called overpriced. If you are panicking, you are right to do so but it is much better for you to calm that panic by finding out why exactly has your pricing been judged that way. Who knows what could be happening to your sales leads if word like that starts to spread.

Influencers Of Your Sales Leads Also Influence Views On Your Pricing

Keep Software Leads Safe From Unfair Pricing! image second opinionAs interest is an important element in identifying sales leads, it is prone to influence from a lot of sources. You have a prospect’s fellow buyers. You have competitors. You also have the more technical facts behind pricing products like yours (and as a side note, this can decide whether or not people will buy your justifications).
  • Other buyers – You would be surprised at how a social environment can intertwine with pricing. Sales leads are not islands either. Prospects do consult other people for their opinion. And with the internet making for a smaller world, you would have a lot of people to convince if many of them think your pricing is unbelievable. Try targeting software leads, like medical software leads or accounting software leads, that influence others to test feedback on pricing.
  • Competitors – Competitors offering lower prices will naturally attract a bigger of share of sales leads than a company who charges higher. You might argue that there are other factors such as quality of product or even suspect corner-cutting is involved but that hardly changes the natural instinct of buyers to aim for lower costs.
  • Technical facts – Now whether it is other buyers or other competitors, the deciding factor in their overall influence is simply dependent on how many facts support you. When you lose your software sales leads to those wanting a second opinion, it shows you are competing with other sources of information that have facts that challenge yours.
This is why when you try to qualify sales leads, you should always adopt a social angle that tries to view your pricing in terms of what other people have to say. More importantly, you should be prepared to clash facts against facts. Do not think that just having those facts is enough. The same tools you use to generate software leads, engage with prospects, and learn enough to qualify sales leads should be used to help spread the information around.
Keep Software Leads Safe From Unfair Pricing! image ERP110

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