25 Tweet Recap from the Virtual #SalesSummit

25 Tweet Recap from the Virtual #SalesSummit:

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In last week’s world record setting sales summit, some great inside sales knowledge was shared. We’ve already written a full recap of the event, but there is plenty more to share.
We collected the 25 hottest tweets about the sales summit. Let’s take a look at the summit through Twitter’s eyes.

@mhollison Technology & Hyper-educated buyers are changing sales & marketing: Technology investments must accelerate sales #salessummit #ROI
— Allison Munro (@yomunro) June 20, 2013
78% of buyers start the process with a web search, 50% turn to social media and peer reviews #salessummit
— Julio Viskovich #biz (@JulioVisko) June 20, 2013
"There is such a thing as a silver bullet in sales – it's timing" @CraigElias #salessummit
— ExecNote (@TeamExecNote) June 20, 2013
Key to product virality = social proof. People have a social need to reciprocate @GuyKawasaki #SalesSummit
— Jarin Chu (@JarinChu) June 20, 2013
Powertip #4 : The power of reciprocation can last a thousand years. @GuyKawasaki #salessummit http://t.co/D9IfaGpjEh
— InsideSales.com (@InsideSales) June 20, 2013
"What once got you here, won't get you there" #NewNormal #YusufTayob #SalesTrends #SalesSummit
— Kenneth Wagner (@KennWagner) June 20, 2013
Become an invaluable resource to your prospect. Be an expert & continually bring new insights to the table. @jillkonrath #salessummit
— Molly Wismer (@trashbagchic) June 20, 2013
@GuyKawasaki says -when someone says "Thank you" don't say "welcome"say "I am sure you would do the same for me" #salessummit
— Paulette Norman (@Paulette_Norman) June 20, 2013
Love this summary of @gitomer. 1/3 crazy 1/3 awesome 1/3 self promotion. #salessummit Nailed it. May be my new formula for success.
— Trish Bertuzzi (@bridgegroupinc) June 20, 2013
@jonmiller "Use analytics to turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue driver" #salessummit
— Accenture Sales & CX (@E2ECustExp) June 20, 2013
@Dario_Priolo follow up before your competition or before the opportunity slips away #TriggerEvents #SalesSummit
— Craig Elias (@CraigElias) June 20, 2013
"The key to a great smile is the eyes" – @GuyKawasaki http://t.co/pd8I0axTMX #salessummit #enchantment
— Kathleen K. Atkins (@kathleenkinser) June 20, 2013
To achieve predictable revenue you must have predictable lead generation. Aaron Ross @motoceo #salessummit
— Roar (@roar_b) June 20, 2013
Be as likable as @richardbranson, as trustworthy as @zappos, and have the quality of @TheAppleInc -> @GuyKawasaki #salessummit
— Natalie Issa (@NatIssa) June 20, 2013
Effective lead gen methods seem to have a proximity of interest; common interest, seeking a solution. @kenkrogue #salessummit
— Michael Schumann (@MichaelSchuman2) June 20, 2013
Stats show that reps who use #socialselling are 50% more likely to meet or exceed their #salesquota#salessummit
— Social2B (@social2b) June 20, 2013
Listening to @HeinzMarketing at #salessummit – inbound can actually harm high volume sales because all leads are not equal
— Dan Stewart (@DanStewartHG) June 20, 2013
Attending the Inside Sales Virtual Summit is like getting an #MBA in sales leadership in a single day. #salessummit
— Marsha F Jones (@MarshaFJones) June 20, 2013
Takeaway from #salessummit.. #cussing and being #human is apparently universally accepted in #presentations
— Christopher S Kelley (@chriskelley317) June 20, 2013
Sales Cycles is always longer than the business indicates. Usually double. #salessummit
— David Scott (@davecscott) June 20, 2013
Real sales leaders are engaged & demo what they want others to do. @scoremoresales #salessummit
— Paul H. Simon (@PaulContentMan) June 20, 2013
62 speakers, 15k+ registrants, no flights or hotel. Greener & great content. Thanks @InsideSales #SalesSummit
— Kyle Romaniuk (@KyleRomaniuk) June 20, 2013
Thanks for reminding me to re-read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. @GuyKawasaki #salessummit
— Gabriel Villamizar (@gabevillamizar) June 22, 2013
Missed the epic #salessummit last Thursday? Here is a recap via @Salesloft http://t.co/Wb8EXT1XgT
— Nancy Nardin (@sellingtools) June 22, 2013
The first official "Inside Sales Virtual Summit" has ended. Go conquer the world. #salessummit @kenkrogue @DaveElkington #sales #insidesales
— InsideSales.com (@InsideSales) June 20, 2013
If you’re interested in watching some of the presentations yourself, check out the website for some great on demand sales info. You certainly won’t be disappointed by what you find.

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