5 Lead Nurturing Emails Every Company Should Send

5 Lead Nurturing Emails Every Company Should Send:

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In my last blog post “5 Reasons You Need Email Marketing Campaigns”, I noted that that out of all the other online marketing channels, many studies have shown that email marketing wins on ROI. For this post I want to give companies simple tips for creating email campaigns that they can do monthly to nurture their leads and customers.

1. Newsletter

What is it? An email campaign that is in the form of a newsletter containing ‘something for everyone’ and can be sent to your entire opt-in house list.
What do you write in it? The newsletter should contain small summaries of different promotions, blog posts, product and service changes and important updates about your company.
How will it help us? Newsletters are great because they are easy to do and save you time. You can reuse the same template and make easy changes each month. This is a great way to get leads to click on links that will help segment them by persona, need or indicate they are in buying mode. Because newsletters are so variable, rather than targeted at a particular outcome, surprising things can happen!
Want to learn how you can create a kick-ass customer newsletter? Check out this webinar recap.

2. New blog post announcement

What is it? This is an email containing an announcement and summary promoting a new blog post. It should be sent to a targeted list of opt-in leads in which the blog post is applicable to. If the blog post is applicable to all of your leads, then the campaign could be sent to your entire house list. This is similar to an RSS subscription but is a bit more personalized to your leads.
What do you write in it? If you are just starting your company’s blog, the best way to brainstorm blog post topics is to list out the top 5 need-based questions customers ask and create a blog post using the question phrase as the title (H1 tag) and the keyword you optimize the blog post for. This will not only provide valuable content to your target audience, but will also help boost your SEO.
How will it help us? Announcing your new blog post via email will give leads something to read that may help with them with their day-to-day job responsibilities and spark more interest in your product, keep current customers updated on industry or product changes, and drive referrals. You’re more likely to receive a new lead from an email forward than from someone organically online (power of word of mouth), so make sure to fill your audiences’ inboxes with compelling content.

3. New product or service upgrade/announcement

What is it? An email announcement communicating a change in your product or service to your customers or leads.
What do you write in it? This email is pretty straightforward. It should contain the high-level changes and how they will affect current customers, pricing or your services. Keep it simple and hyperlink to your website for more detailed information.
How will it help us? Product or service announcements will warm up old leads that were waiting for you to launch a particular product feature or enable a current customer to upgrade their service agreement to add your new services (+$). It’s also helpful for sales reps working off of lead intelligence or reporting/analytics before they call a lead to see what links they clicked on to help carry the sale or address concerns.

4. Discount or promotion

What is it? An email campaign promoting a new discount or sale that communicates how it’s applicable to the prospect or customer (all the fine print).
What do you write in it? In these emails you’ll want to stay clear of bate and switch tactics, and be clear and concise on the ‘call to action’ that the prospect/customer must take to receive the discount.
How will it help us? This type of campaign can help drive sales to budget constraint clients or convert a prospective buyer to a sale because of the perceived value of the deal. Discounts at the end of the month can help you meet or exceed your revenue goals.

5. Advice in the form of guides, eBooks or whitepapers

What is it? This campaign is to give prospective and current customers access to a guide or thought piece on a particular subject that interests your market and will help them with their job(s).
What do you write in it? Typically, you’ll want to write about aspects of your client’s industry that are changing. Potential topics could be new emerging innovations or technologies that positively affect or benefit their business, strategies or processes similar customers are using or a step-by-step guide for developing a new service.
How will it help us? The strategy behind this campaign is to interact with prospects that are in research mode, which means they are early in the buying cycle. Content-driven leads, based on the guide they downloaded, enable your sales reps to approach them from a ‘solutions selling’ discussion vs. invasive cold calling or selling features.
Hope these tips are useful for your email marketing campaigns. Happy emailing!
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