5 Steps to Collaborate with Buyers in the Selling Process

5 Steps to Collaborate with Buyers in the Selling Process:

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When buyers buy something, one of two things must be true:
1. They are required to buy.
2. They want to buy.
In the former, they have no choice. Get sued, hire a lawyer. Buying = required. The lawyer doesn’t need to convince the buyer why to buy legal services in general, only why to buy them from them.
In the latter, the buyer has a choice. Buying = desired. They don’t need to buy, but if they want it badly enough, and have the money and authority to buy, they buy.
Since the buyer isn’t required to buy when sellers drive demand, sellers must be able to take their priority of making a sale happen, and make it the buyer’s priority to make a purchase happen.
It’s not that easy, though, because you’re nowhere near the buyer’s priority list when you start.

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