5 Ways to Grow Your House Email List

5 Ways to Grow Your House Email List:

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Growing your house list is a great email marketing tactic to nurture prospects until they’re ready to buy. It’s also a great way to constantly and consistently provide your community with valuable, compelling content to keep your brand top of mind and to grow your authority as a thought leader in your space.
So how exactly should you go about growing your house email list so that you can use it to its fullest potential?

1. Offer free content for download

One of the most appropriate and effective ways to grow your contact list with leads at the top of the marketing funnel is to find need through education. Creating downloadable content like eBooks, infographics, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, revenue calculators, etc. can help connect you with prospects who are in the research phase.
A note on lead quality: If they weren’t looking for some sort of a solution, why would they download the content in the first place? While these may not be the most sales-ready leads, they’re great for email nurturing and many times warm up and convert to customers down the line.

2. Contact us / get a quote / free consultation forms

This is the simplest way to grow your contact list. Any company can do this by creating a simple form and placing it on your homepage, Contact Us page or making a call-to-action graphic linked to a landing page. This helps prospects who aren’t the type to pick up the phone and call the sales line. Typically they prefer to communicate via email have you call them. If you have a website and are offering a service or product, this is the most important form you can place on your site.
A note on lead quality:
Prospects who fill out this form can be on any side of the hot-cold lead spectrum. The majority will be sales-ready leads in buying mode or want a consultation before buying. Some will be spam or trying to sell you something themselves.

3. Product brochures and pricing breakdowns:

A great way to convert leads who are a bit beyond the research phase is to create calls-to-action on pricing and product pages where prospects can get more in-depth information about pricing and product specifications. Many companies already have the pricing and product brochures published, so creating this campaign is very easy. Just hide the pricing / product page and link to them from a landing page so you’re sure to capture that valuable lead information.
A note on lead quality: Prospects who are doing their due diligence and researching pricing or products tend to be sales-ready leads and are usually willing to take a call from a sales person. These leads should be scored higher in your lead intelligence or analytics system.

4. Host a free webinar

While a webinar is more of time and resource investment, it can help you cast your net further. Webinars will drive new leads who are sales-ready and some who can be put into an email nurture track. A webinar can be in the form of a free class about your product, problems or questions surrounding your product or industry. There are several services that specialize in hosting and advertising webinars, including BrightTALK, GoToWebinar or ON24.
A note on lead quality: Typically, webinar leads are quality sales-ready leads or leads deeper into the research phase. When a prospect attends a webinar, they’re investing their time, which means they have more need than someone who simply downloaded a free guide. All of these leads should be followed up with by a sales rep and put in an email nurture track.

5. Giveaways and contests

A great way to grow your list and learn more about your market is to offer a promotion, giveaway or contest, like a chance to win a free iPad for filling out a survey or subscribing to your blog. A giveaway can help bring more awareness to your brand, product or service. It also helps build your community.
A note on lead quality: These leads are typically not sales-ready, but great for warming up with email nurturing and eventual calls from sales reps to qualify them.
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