Does your B2B marketing include testimonials that sell?

Does your B2B marketing include testimonials that sell?:

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Last time we talked about using social proof for your B2B business, and why social proof is important to help show your prospects the results they can expect when they buy your products and/or services.
Today I want to talk about a specific part of social proof – Testimonials.
Which testimonial do you think is better?
Testimonial 1: Ian did a great job for us. He helped us with our sales and marketing, and now we are doing much better at both.
Testimonial 2: “Ian helped us…consistently generate 30 to 40 leads per month, up from only 4 to 5 leads per month before Ian started consulting with us. We have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any business to help them increase their revenues and client base significantly over a short period of time.”
Testimonials are an important part of social proof, but only if they help you sell your products and services. Hopefully, you guessed that the second testimonial is the better one, and a more forceful testimonial.
Testimonials Sell! But only when they’re done right.
There are three levels of testimonials. Let’s look at all three levels and see if you have testimonials that sell.
“C” Level Testimonials: a “good enough” testimonial makes you feel good about the product and/or trust the vendor, but it doesn’t support specific claims with specific results.
“B” Level Testimonials: a “testimonial that sells” carries the same feel good, trust conveying message as a C-grade testimonial, but additionally reports specific results relevant to the specific claims relevant to your unique selling proposition.
“A” Level Testimonials: an “A” level testimonial which “sells on steroids” starts with specific, relevant results that support the specific claims in your UVP. However, A Level Testimonials go several steps further by capturing the testimonial as part of a strategically constructed CONVERSATIONAL INTERVIEW. This increases authenticity, and provides the prospect the opportunity to talk about every last benefit they obtained, in emotionally compelling and contagious language.
Do you have testimonials that sell? Or are your testimonials simply “C” level? Most testimonials I see, if people even have them at all, are C level testimonials.
Some get to the B level, but very few ever get to the A level.
First of all, you need testimonials. But you need testimonials that sell. Otherwise your testimonials simply fit in with the crowd, and many A level testimonials feel like they were made up.
You need at least B level testimonials. But getting A level testimonials will help drive your business through the roof.
Another factor that helps you collect A level testimonials is having a third party do them for you.
Clients are impressed you would pay a third party to get them. And a third party will usually get A level testimonials, because they take a certain way of interviewing to get them. Plus, your clients will typically be more open with a third party.
Contact me if you want to get A level testimonials.
Kind regards,
Ian Dainty
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