Five Strategies to Jumpstart Your Sales

Five Strategies to Jumpstart Your Sales:

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We were thrilled to host yesterday’s webinar with Jill Konrath on “Five Strategies to Jumpstart Your Sales.” Konrath is an expert seller, business advisor, and the author of “SNAP Selling,” a #1 best-seller on Amazon. She’s advised many big companies on strategies for improving their sales, including GE, Staples, and IBM. Her webinar presented some quick tips to boost sales during the typical summer slump.
Konrath gave us an overview of her strategies for improving sales, which included these five key points:
Strategy #1: Pursue customers like a competitor.
It’s a common mistake to think you always have to be chasing down new leads. But it’s actually seven times easier to sell to an existing account than it is to open a new one – treat your current accounts like they’re fresh ones. Get in touch with customers and find out what challenges they’re facing now.
Strategy #2: Leverage trigger events.
Situations like good quarterly growth, stagnant sales, or declining revenue can be impacting your client. Figure out how you can either help them solve a problem or help keep the momentum going.
Strategy #3: Close the “why buy now” gap.
“89% of executives considered their meetings to be FAILURES because the salesperson failed to connect the dots.“ Change this by demonstrating that you understand the executive’s problems by doing your research beforehand, and then make the connection between those challenges and their solution.
Strategy #4: Tap into your connections.
Keep your client relationships active (or snag new prospects) by suggesting a meeting with a valid business reason to talk to your connection.
Strategy #5: Real-Time Obsession.
Most people spend a lot of time bouncing from task to task, and this is killing our efficiency. Block out time for specific activities, like responding to emails or making sales calls.
Listen to the full recording here for more tips on turning your prospecting calls/emails into ongoing conversations and closing more leads. Good luck jumpstarting those sales!

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