Good Reads for B2B Sales - Are You Drowning in Sales Quota?

Good Reads for B2B Sales - Are You Drowning in Sales Quota?:

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Will Google Glass Revolutionize Buying and Selling?
In this article, Gerhard Gschwandtner raises an interesting question about Google’s latest technology, Google Glass. Will it bring another evolution in the ever-changing buying and sales processes? With the tap of a button a prospective buyer can quickly research competitor’s prices or on the flipside a salesperson can quickly search the LinkedIn account for a prospect and have immediate research in hand. Via Selling Power Blog
Inside Sales Power Tip 118 – Share Insight
Lori Richardson shares valuable advice on how to re-start the conversation with a prospect that has gone cold. You may have experienced this before—you had a great introduction and maybe even a positive demo, but then no response. It’s easier than you think to warm up the prospect again. Via Score More Sales
Throw Me The Anchor, I Am Drowning!
Are you like many sales reps, faced with the dilemma of drowning in a quota that feels unobtainable? You have great sales and communication skills, so why aren’t people responding? Most buyers don’t care that you’re a great communicator, they care that you understand. To truly do this it takes the two words that VP’s of Sales hate the most. Via Solution Selling
Perceived Business Risks Quickly Become Sales Objections
You go to your prospect’s office confident that you’re going to close the sale, but then they say the words, “I’m afraid I have bad news for you…we’ve decided to go with your competitor.” What?! They loved your proposal and acknowledged that your program was superior, so why? Jill Konrath explains why it’s critical to identify your prospects perceived risks. Via Top Sales World

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