How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Generate Leads

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Generate Leads:

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With more users than any other social media platform in the world, it’s no wonder that Facebook is heavily used for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns alike. Facebook’s built-in analytics feature coupled with Oktopost or other social media management tools, create the opportunity for a robust B2B conversions campaign. Whether you are modifying an existing campaign or are planning to improve B2B conversions on Facebook, be sure to keep the following strategies in mind.
How To Prepare Your Brand Page for B2B Marketing
While the “About” section of your Brand Page is an obvious section to optimize, one of the most important elements often overlooked by B2B marketers is the banner image. Your Facebook page’s banner image is what creates that first impression when visitors land on the page for the first time, so you want to ensure it’s visually and textually compelling. In fact, many of your potential clients might not even take the time to read the “About” portion, so it’s more important than ever to focus on the visual aspect of Facebook’s brand pages.
To do this:

  • Issue a Call To Action.
How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Generate Leads image CTA 300x129
Facebook’s latest policy update allows brands to use 20% of their banner for text. If you want visitors to check out your site, learn about a specific promotion, or otherwise follow your sales funnel, simply issue a CTA through your banner image. This is likely the first thing visitors will notice about your Facebook page, so don’t undermine its importance.
  • Be visually compelling.How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Generate Leads image compelling 300x184
Similar to a custom-landing page, ensure that your Brand Page is compelling on every level. Brands that take the time to really optimize their Facebook presence will be able to establish credibility.
  • Brand yourself.How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Generate Leads image name 300x177
It’s important to remember that just because you issue a CTA in your banner image, doesn’t mean that visitors will always follow it. This is why it’s important to also including branding in the banner image, so that your company’s name is repeatedly flashed across prospective B2B clients.
B2B Strategies on Facebook
Now that your Facebook Page is optimized with a compelling banner image, it’s time to engage in effective B2B strategies. Again, be sure to use your SMM tool, to not only analyze campaign performance, but to schedule your Facebook posts in advance. This allows you the opportunity to focus on other responsibilities and elements of your business. Setting as much of your social media B2B marketing efforts, on autopilot as possible, creates efficiency while boosting performance.
As you schedule your Facebook posts in advance, be sure to remember to:
  •  Create an active wall. Ensure that your page is posting at a minimum of once a day. The last thing you want is a perspective B2B client coming to your Facebook page only to see that it’s “dead.” Remember, perspective clients are more likely to respond to a Facebook page that’s constantly posting than one that hasn’t been updated in weeks – or ever!
  • Use visual media. Photos and videos are some of the most effective forms of content for B2B marketers. If you have physical products, be sure to upload photos of them to your Facebook page. Videos can be used to showcase speeches by your team members – or for any purpose that fits your goal of B2B marketing.
Make a call to action. Similar to your banner image, issuing a CTA through your posts is an incredible way to boost the effectiveness of your B2B campaign. Sometimes those prospective clients need an extra push, and a CTA is just the way to accomplish that!

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