IT Lead Generation Means Know ‘Fix’ From ‘Improve’

IT Lead Generation Means Know ‘Fix’ From ‘Improve’:

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It sounds like an easy tip that you might wonder if this is about lead generation or just basic vocabulary. However, the concept of fixing something and improving something are both heavily used in marketing. They also get a little more complex. Take IT lead generation for example. Do you know how important it is to recognize a customer’s need to just fix and a desire to improve their IT set up?
How Lead Generation Facilitates The Two Separately
IT Lead Generation Means Know ‘Fix’ From ‘Improve’ image 268948449 6204a3eae5 oHere is how IT businesses can sometimes confuse the two terms and why it can compromise your lead generation strategy. These two words actually define two very distinct categories of prospect needs. If you cannot tell one from the other, you are making the typical lead generation fallacy of assuming things that a prospect did not. You expect to generate qualified IT leads with that kind of behavior? Obviously, not. So here are some things to note:

  • Fixes are urgent – When a prospect comes through your lead generation process saying that they really need something fixed, you have to act fast. Otherwise, the lead generation campaigns of competitors are going to start running after them. This is what it means to go and fix. A prospect knows that their business may not lost long unless you can help them do something about it.
  • Improvements are long-term – Just because a prospect has just an urgent need for improvement does not mean it can happen overnight. This should be made clear before you proceed any further in the lead generation process. You can promise the improvement but let them know that it takes a bit of commitment and investment on their part.
  • Both can interchange – Perhaps makes them most easy to confuse is the idea that they sometimes tend to overlap during your IT lead generation campaign. The IT sales leads you got from fixing something could develop into a longer relationship if a prospect wants to improve as well. Improvements can also run into stumbling blocks and require fixes in turn. Understand the relationship between the two so you can be less confused.
The best part about this is that understanding these two categories properly can actually make both as a sub-channel for your lead generation campaign. Not only that, these are channel that interchange with another (just as different lead generation tools do). Start organizing your technology sales leads between fixing and improving today!
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