Profitable Negotiating: It’s Counterintuitive

Profitable Negotiating: It’s Counterintuitive:
rom Corporate Visions Inc 
As you may recall, Corporate Visions recently acquired BayGroup International, a recognized sales negotiation and sales execution skills training company. Our peers at BayGroup International share their insights on profitable negotiating below:
These numbers tell a difficult story…
92% – of you are raising your sales rep quotas
16% – is the average quota increase this year
49% - of your sales managers aren’t confident their teams will keep up
The reason for this lack of confidence? Sales reps stay in their comfort zones… selling the same solutions to the same identified needs that your competitors are selling to – turning it into a pricing battle.
It’s a comfortable conversation, but it’s not a winning one. And, not one that will get you to your number.
Watch this 4-minute video to find a counterintuitive approach to get your reps out of their comfort zones and on their way to confidently hitting your higher quotas.

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