Setting Goals for Facebook Marketing

Setting Goals for Facebook Marketing:

from Business 2 Community 
The first step of planning a marketing campaign is setting goals. You need to decide what you want to achieve through your Facebook page. Your goals will determine the strategy you use.
These are some of the marketing goals that you might decide to work on achieving:

  • Widening reach: When a page has been recently started, the goal is to increase its exposure. Getting more likes and views is the overall goal. When setting this goal, specify it rather than saying getting likes. For example, 100 likes in one month.
  • Increasing Engagement: Engaging the people who have already liked your page is required to retain their interest. Once your already have a lot of likes, the focus shifts to keeping fans interested. Engaging the fans creates an active fan base and increases your popularity. It can be measured through the “People talking about this” statistic. Setting Goals for Facebook Marketing image set goals1
  • Generating leads: Facebook can be great way to generate leads. Generating interest among the fans is easy since they are so accessible. It can be done by starting a newsletter for Facebook fans or through promotional contests.
  • Exhibit: You can showcase your company or your products through Facebook. Let people know your views and thoughts. It lets you connect with your audience and create an image for your company. You can tell them what makes you different and what you have achieved.
  • Sales: Achieving sales through Facebook is a great goal to set. You need to be careful and not spam your fans with too many promotions. Keep them regular but not too frequent. Always provide a link to whatever product you are marketing so that the consumers find it easier to get there.
Setting goals helps you to plan your activities in a better way. Always try to organize your efforts and set goals so you can be more efficient.

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