Sincere Selling: A Maxim {Infographic}

Sincere Selling: A Maxim {Infographic}:

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If you’ve kept up with our blog, you know that we’re a huge advocate of sincere selling. Building strong relationships with your customers is the scaffolding on which a successful business is built. Being genuine makes that possible.
Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. After all, you’re a customer in plenty of other aspects of life. Feeling abused, ignored, or strong-armed into something probably isn’t on your list of high points. So why do it to someone else? Now, we understand salespeople are by no means inherently bad people, but a negative connotation certainly exists. So together, let’s break the mold by developing a truly amazing sales reputation.
Here’s a snapshot of a few differences between the sincere and the insincere:
Just to recap, here are the keys to sincere selling:
1. Empathy
Lead with a compassion for those around you, be they clients, co-workers, or peers.
2. An intent to help
Go into a deal looking to help the potential customer, rather than simply with the intent to sell.
3. Be able to look at things from the customer’s point of view
Self explanatory. If you see what they see, you can speak to their needs.
4. A full understanding of the client
Know details of their organizations and experience. Take the time to understand your prospect and build systems to keep them continually informed.
5. Simplicity
Make the customer’s life easier any way you can. Respond to emails or phone calls promptly and provide your prospect with the information they need to know moving forward.
6. Listening
Be a great listener. That’s the only way to truly learn what you need to know to help your client.
Follow these and you’ll be well on your way to building a great customer base. We know you love your business. Now- translate that love to the customer through relationships built on trust. You’ll be helping yourself, your customer, and your business.

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