The Content Marketing Pyramid

The Content Marketing Pyramid:

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As Content marketing is the current hype let’s have a look at the different forms starting from the bottom or lowest level to the top:
                      —- eBooks —-
                  — Case Studies —
                —– White Papers —–
              ——– Infographics ——–
            ———- Blog Posts ———-
          —– Online Presentations ——
        ———— Social Media ————-
     ———— Website Content ————
   ————— Curated Content ————–
- Curated Content:
Probably the easiest as it just reuses existing content created by others
- Website Content:
This requires quite a lot of effort and creativity in order to get the content for your website but it can be used for several years
- Social Media:
Although your creativity is required due to the shortness and lesser quality it is less demanding.
- Online Presentations:
This requires to create an interesting presentation on a matter or subject that interests your industry and put it online on one of the available websites. As no continuity is required the required effort is limited.
- Blog Posts:
This requires quite a lot of effort and creativity for generating quality content on a regular basis as your readers and subscribers have expectations.
- Infographics:
As a picture can paint a thousand words an Infographic has high value not only because people do understand charts easier as it takes less time, but an Infographic is likely to be used by others on social media which is a big additional benefit. The problem is that it has to (or should) rely upon real data or information which is harder to get.
- White Papers:
White papers are considered as a more serious almost scientific approach to a subject, issue or problem hence your content, formatting and presentation needs to be business like. The basis of your content needs to be based upon real data or information.
White papers can be distributed both from your website as on specialized websites.
White papers can give your company a certain status by being considered are knowledgeable about an industry or solutions.
- Case Studies:
Case studies should name the customer as else the value diminishes considerably or will be considered as a White paper. Getting the approval of a customer to publish their brand name together with problem and the solution applied requires much more effort and time than creating the content.
The advantage of case studies is the trust and respect it generates towards new customers.
In case you have a lot of content, information and knowledge about a certain industry or solution type then you can publish an eBook and distribute it online. If you manage to get it well distributed it will undeniably give your company a respected status and position in the industry.
One of the questions that remain is would you gate for your content or not ?
What Content marketing have you created and published ?
What was the level of success ?
Any measurable result in sales ?


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