The Fear In Cold Calling

The Fear In Cold Calling:

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The Fear In Cold Calling image The Fear In Cold Calling1Based on several researches about fears, they say that the number one fear for the majority of us is public speaking, followed by death. Who would’t agree? One would rather lie down and let every single cell in his body die down than place himself in front of a very large crowd and utter a single sentence before them. Ridiculous, but true; and cold calling is not an exemption.
Considering this situation for instance: a man, who is confident, self-motivated, and a challenger who’s almost always ready to leap the highest mountains in just a single bound is suddenly stuck on his feet and eaten up by his anxieties over a single phone call with the possibility of closing a deal to a prospective buyer?
The famous four-letter word is the answer— FEARThat absurd and bizarre feeling when your in a middle of something wherein you seemed so fully geared up towards achieving something and on a spur of moment, all of these simultaneously collapsed because of the quivering butterflies in your stomach.
In the point of view of someone who’s not in the business of generating leads through the process of telemarketing, the mere fact of making a call to a prospect and explaining to him everything about your product is nothing but a petty thing. Anyone can make and take a call. After all, a telephone is just a harmless machine that could not, in any possible way, end your life after a series of phone calls.
However, this doesn’t work for telemarketers. For them, there would always be endless factors for experiencing cold call anxiety syndrome that could somehow poison the results of their endeavor. At some point, their hearts beat faster, their hands get too sweaty, and their teeth starts to clinch. Yes, it happens every time, all the time.
Nothing is easy and accessible in a blink of an eye, especially in the present time where everything gets complicated including the people; so basically, it is normal to feel agitated at times. No matter how skillful and confident you are in handling certain things, fear is certainly not a crime to be felt and to be experienced.

Ultimately, in the world of business process outsourcing, we are all social creatures alike; we all want to be accepted, to be part of the circle, and most importantly, to receive applauses and not boos.
“In the end, we have to bear in mind the beauty and the beast of cold calling, that is, it’s over in a matter of seconds.”
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