Three Ways to Make Repeat Sales

Three Ways to Make Repeat Sales:
from Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

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Repeat Sales
Making a sale is always a challenge. Whether a cold call or a follow up on a referral, closing a deal takes strategy and intuition to client needs. When that is rewarded with success, a sales high takes over – if only momentarily.
Once the endorphins wear off, there is still work to be done. After you’ve made that first sale, how do you turn a one-time buyer into a long-term client? Or in the case of a contract agreement, how do you ensure a renewal when the original term ends?
While every company may have its own specific follow-up policies in place, here are a 3 tried-and-true ways to keep clients coming back:
1. Follow through on promises. Make sure you deliver when you say you will. This is just good business but is often overlooked once transactions are complete. Prove that you are worthy of a long-term partnership by honoring your commitments. Of course circumstances may arise that are beyond your control, but ensure you aren’t the reason a product or service is delayed in its delivery to a new client.
2. Continue to woo them. In an interview on this blog, sales consultant Nancy Bleeke says preparation is one key to conversations that sell. Finding answers for prospective buyers BEFORE they ask will help them see the value in what you offer. That idea extends beyond the initial conversation though.
You should always have the needs of your client base at the forefront of your mind. Ask how a particular service or product is working out and listen to any concerns that arise. Don’t wait longer than a few hours to return a call or email. Show them that they are still valuable to you, even when the sale is complete.
3. Stay in touch. Don’t just wait for a phone call or make yourself a mental note to check in with a client at some point. Make a schedule for following up and stick to it. Personal emails or calls are best, but if that is unmanageable due to your number of clients, consider a monthly e-newsletter. Keep yourself and your company in the front of your clients’ minds so that they don’t hesitate to reach out the next time they need what you sell.
When it comes to sales, repeat customers are the sustaining factor in business revenue. Don’t just chase after new clients. Take the time to cultivate sales relationships and make it a key to long-term sales success.
How do you keep your clients coming back?
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