Where is the beef: is your marketing amazing or useful ?

Where is the beef: is your marketing amazing or useful ?:

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Viral marketing for brand awareness

When Internet marketing was young we all hoped for going viral. This required to show something amazing which people would forward to their peers and as such spreading the brand name.
However besides generating brand name awareness the business buyer and decision makers aren’t much influenced by such campaigns. Although these campaigns can get your brand name on the short list, the rational decision will be based on many other factors.

Where is the beef?

Your amazing or viral marketing might get a widespread audience by it’s entertainment factor but the decision makers will need useful content. For this a different approach is required that is reliable, functional, and effective.
It is the message of the classic Wendy’s “Where’s the beef” commercial.

So instead of obtaining a big audience of people who for the large part are likely not interested in your products or solutions, it is more beneficial to have useful marketing targeted at your specific market segment. Useful marketing that brings and explains solutions for problems your markets actually encounter. Something for them to take away and remember.
How will your marketing become truly useful ?

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